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Thursday, January 23, 2020

5–9 PM

Opening Night Party

Open the social season with a glamorous night of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and fascinating objects from around the world. All ticket sales and net proceeds benefit East Side House Settlement in the South Bronx.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

11 AM

Private Event

Design Luncheon & Tour

12 PM

Fair Opens to the Public

5:00 - 8:00 PM

Museum Night

Museum Professionals: We invite you to join us for Museum Night at The Winter Show, America’s leading art, antiques and design fair benefiting East Side House Settlement, a community-based organization serving the Bronx and Northern Manhattan.

Coinciding with New York’s Americana Week, Museum Night brings together professionals from the world’s leading cultural institutions to meet our 72 renowned exhibitors and preview their exceptional offerings while enjoying wine and light refreshments. Among the fair’s many highlights will be our loan exhibition from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library, curated by Philippe de Montebello and Peter Marino.

Please note that an institutional email is required for registration.


A view of bustling crowds at The Winter Show

Saturday, January 25, 2020

11 AM

Exclusive Access

VIP Tour & Lunch

Enjoy a VIP Day at The Winter Show! Your group will enjoy early entry to the fair, a tour of highlights led by one of our prestigious exhibitors, and a catered lunch in the historic Board of Officers Room, designed by Herter Brothers. Following lunch your group is free to explore the Show, visit the 2020 Loan Exhibition, Unrivaled, and attend the 2:30 PM Loan Exhibition Lecture. To reserve your spot today, please contact Helen Kippax. Space is limited.

2:30 PM

Loan Exhibition Lecture

The Promotion of Hispanic Culture

Philippe de Montebello and Mitchell Codding
Chairman and Executive Director of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Philippe de Montebello, Chairman, and Mitchell Codding, Executive Director, of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library, will discuss in a lively conversation the makings of a Museum & Library that has become an incredible resource for promoting the arts and cultures of the Hispanic world. The vision of a single individual, Archer Huntington, has made an impact on the research and scholarship of the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, and the Philippines.

4:30 PM

American Federation of Arts Lecture

Victorian Radicals: Dystopia and Utopia

Dr. Tim Barringer
Chair and Paul Mellon Professor, Department of the History of Art, Yale University

This lecture, based on the arguments of the exhibition Victorian Radicals, explains how artists, designers and critics in 19th-century Britain rejected industrialization and the desecration of the environment in the modern city. Instead, designers led by William Morris offered a return to the hand-made and to natural materials, while the Pre-Raphaelites and their followers pursued a rigorous realism inspired by early Italian and Flemish painting. Towards the end of the century, the Arts & Crafts Movement embraced communitarian ideals, and women artists emerged as key contributors. This lecture is presented in conjunction with the American Federation of Arts exhibition Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement, which will be on view at the Yale Center for British Art, February 13 - May 10, 2020.

Francisco de Goya, Pedro Mocarte, Spain ca. 1805, Oil on canvas

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Asia Week New York Panel Discussion

Opportunities and Perspectives in Collecting Asian Art

Matthew Welch
Deputy Director & Chief Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Americans have a long tradition of collecting Asian art, which has made our cultural institutions among the most important in the fields of China, Japan, and India. Join a panel of experts - curators, collectors, and dealers - as they explore the current market dynamics and the remarkable opportunities to be found in collecting Asian art.

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Japanese pottery collection in the home of Carol and Jeffery Horvitz, in Beverly, MA on October 19, 2018. Photo: Dominic Chavez

Monday, January 27, 2020

11 AM

Chubb Panel Discussion

Passion for Collecting

Anthony Barzilay Freund

Featuring Courtney McLeod and Stanley Weiss

5:30 PM

ArtTable Panel Discussion

The Aesthetics of Femininity through the Ages

Elissa Auther, PhD
Museum of Art and Design

ArtTable, in collaboration with the Winter Show, invites guests to investigate the aesthetics of femininity throughout the ages in antiques, fine and decorative arts. Touching on examples included in this year’s show, we’ll be engaging dealers, scholars, writers and experts in a lively panel to explore expressions and appearances of femininity. How has the feminine been employed by makers and designers of the past? We’ll be breaking down feminine cliches and contemplating how feminine aesthetics reflect periodical trends and power structures.

image of sculpture of Ludovic-Marock-Statuette-dAthena

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

11 AM

Exclusive Access

VIP Tour & Lunch

Enjoy a VIP Day at The Winter Show! Your group will enjoy early entry to the fair, a tour of highlights led by one of our prestigious exhibitors, and a catered lunch in the historic Board of Officers Room, designed by Herter Brothers. Following lunch, your group is free to explore the Show and visit the 2020 Loan Exhibition, Unrivaled. To reserve your spot today, please contact Helen Kippax. Space is limited.

A picture of a female looking at the painting

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

6 PM

Design in Dialogue

Curious Objects

Michael Diaz-Griffith
Presented by The Magazine ANTIQUES

Image of two people having a conversation

Thursday, January 30, 2020

6–9 PM

Young Collectors Night

The must-attend event for young connoisseurs, emerging philanthropists, and art and design enthusiasts. Featuring cocktails & hors d’oeuvres, a private viewing of the Show, and a chance to meet some of New York’s most illustrious interior designers and Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York magazine.

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image of two men

Friday, January 31, 2020

5:30–8 PM

Connoisseurs Night

Join the world's most prestigious art and antiques experts for an elegant evening of booth talks, wine tastings, and conversations about connoisseurship and collecting.
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A visitor to The Winter Show admires a painting on display at the fair

Saturday, February 1, 2020

12:30 PM

Design in Dialogue

The Past is Present: Ancient Inspiration for Contemporary Effect

Achille Salvagni & Pilar Viladas

Achille Salvagni is an avowed modernist, yet his work consistently bears the weight of history – not in overt references, but in its material richness, impeccable craftsmanship, and deeply layered narrative. Salvagni and author Pilar Viladas explore the world of Achille Salvagni, from the ancient influences of his native Rome to his approach to craftsmanship that have helped shape his elegant interiors and limited-edition furniture, lighting, and accessory design. Join us for a conversation on harmony, color, and craftsmanship, along with discerning ruminations on the role of audacity, contrast, heritage, balance, and narrative.

2:30 PM

In Dialogue

Duveen Brothers: Tricks of the Trade from the Greatest Art and Antique Dealers of the Twentieth Century

Charlotte Vignon
Author of Duveen Brothers and the Market for Decorative Arts, 1880-1940

Charlotte Vignon will explore the history behind Duveen Brothers, as well as the commercial strategies that led what became the most influential art and antique dealers of the turn of the twentieth century to success. The lecture will draw on an important ensemble of hitherto unexplored archival sources from the firm’s records at the Getty Research Institute, as well as letters and invoices from Duveen Brothers’ clients. European furniture, tapestries, porcelain, and other objets d’art that are today the jewels of American museums’ permanent collections will take center stage in the discussion.

4:30 PM

Design in Dialogue

In Defense of Ornament

Moderated by Michael Diaz-Griffith
Presented by The Magazine ANTIQUES

In 1910, the Austrian architect Adolf Loos declared ornament to be a crime. Superfluous decoration was uncivilized, he said; it slowed down the march of progress. The subsequent rise of functionalism in design––a.k.a. modernism––ensured that, for many, ornament was relegated to the ash heap of history. Happily for lovers of beauty, however, it has refused to remain there. Loos himself used ornament in his designs, and critics have long noted the decorative excesses of International Modernism. Antiquarians, classicists, and aesthetic rebels never abandoned ornament, and in recent years they have become more vocal, and productive, than ever. If ornament is no longer outlawed, where is it headed? And how does its revival impact our built environment, cultural patrimony, and digital future?

Sunday, February 2, 2019

1 PM

Loan Exhibition Lecture

Earth & Fire: Four Millennia of Hispanic Ceramics

Margaret Connors McQuade
Assistant Director & Curator of Decorative Arts of the Hispanic & Library

Margaret Connors McQuade, Assistant Director & Curator of Decorative Arts of the Hispanic & Library will present a lecture on the extraordinary holdings of the Hispanic Museum & Library which has one of the most important collections of ceramics dating from the 3rd millennium BC through the early 20th century. This lecture will focus on the Hispanic Society’s ceramics collection to reveal the important role potters have played in creating some of the most innovative works in Spain and the Americas.

3 PM

Loan Exhibition Lecture

The Values of the Hispanic Art Traditions

Marcus Burke
Senior Curator of Painting & Sculpture of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Marcus Burke, Senior Curator of Painting & Sculpture of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library will present a lecture on the over 3000 years of the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and their global dependencies and how they have developed values that may surprise many, since they are not within the usual stereotypes given to Hispanic culture. This lecture shows how values such as multiculturalism and racial mixtures, the value of the individual, and feminism may be seen in the arts of the Hispanic world.

6 PM