2021 Programs

Watch our programs with leading institutions curators, scholars, collectors, designers and institutions including Winterthur Old Westbury Gardens, Lyndenhurst, Untemeyer Gardens, Yale and more.


Tradition and Imagination: Winterthur’s Chandler Farm with Carol Cadou and Thomas Jayne
January 22, 2021

Join Carol Cadou, the Charles F. Montgomery Director and CEO of Winterthur Museum and award-winning designer Thomas Jayne as they discuss the evolution of the Federal-style Henry Francis du Pont ’residence.

Thomas Jayne I Jayne Studio
Carol Cadou I Charles F. Montgomery Director and CEO, The Winterthur Museum


Historic Gardens: Three New York Treasures
January 25, 2021

Join Barbara Israel in conversation with Howard Zar (Director, Lyndhurst), Stephen Byrns (President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy) and Lorraine Gilligan (Director of Preservation, Old Westbury Gardens) as they discuss some of the Northeast region’s most notable historic gardens and grounds. During the pandemic, public gardens have become doubly valued as safe havens and their popularity has soared. Join our panel discussion for a glimpse into the histories of these three outstanding gardens and explore their influences and stylistic differences.

Barbara Israel

Stephen Byrns I President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy
Lorraine Gilligan I Director of Preservation, Old Westbury Gardens
Howard Zar I Director, Lyndhurst


The Magazine ANTIQUES presents: Evolving Narratives in the 21st Century Museum
Monday, January 25

The questions of whose history and culture American museums represent and who these institutions are speaking to are finally being addressed. Join Elizabeth Pochoda, advisory editor of The Magazine ANTIQUES and a panel of distinguished curators and museum directors as they discuss the ways in which museums are engaging previously underrepresented artists, subject matter, and audiences. Our panel will speak about past and current efforts towards change and their specific approaches to audience engagement.

Elizabeth Pochoda I Panel organizer and advisory editor The Magazine ANTIQUES
Sylvia Yount I Lawrence A. Fleischman Curator in Charge of the American Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jami C. Powell I Citizen of the Osage Nation and curator of Native American Art at the Hood Museum, Dartmouth College
David Pilgrim I VP for Diversity, Inclusion, and Strategic Initiatives and the Founder and Director of the Jim Crow Museum
Joanne T. Hyppolite I Supervisory Museum Curator of the African Diaspora, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian


Blended Spirits: A Curious Objects Cocktail Hour at The Winter Show
Tuesday, January 26

Winter Show dealers Daniel Crouch, Carrie Imberman (Kentshire), and Keegan Goepfert (Les Enluminures) join host Curious Objects host Ben Miller for a Zoom cocktail hour to chat about alcohol-friendly antiques. From a medieval illustration of Trappists to a goat-head silver drinking cup, you’ll hear about wacky objects and the wild stories behind them–and behind the scenes of some of the show’s most irreverent dealers.

To make things even more interesting, friend of the show Mark Addison, author of Cocktail Chameleon serves up his specialty Winter Rosé Sangria for our Winter Show viewers. To try the concoction at home download the cocktail recipe here.


The Bennett Collection: Paintings of Women by Women
Wednesday, January 27

Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt have spent years amassing an impressive collection dedicated exclusively to figurative realist paintings of women by women. The Collection’s aim – to elevate women painters (who have not received the same degree of acceptance as their male counterparts) and to ignite enthusiasm and dialogue about figurative realism, a style which, over the past half-century, has fallen out of favor.

The Collection includes work by historical trailblazing women painters such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Mary Cassatt, and Elisabetta Sirani alongside some of the most exciting women painters currently working: Julie Bell, Margaret Bowland, Aleah Chapin, Aneka Ingold, and dozens of others.

Join the Texas-based collectors as they discuss their passion for championing women artists. To see their full collection visit: www.thebennettartcollection.com and follow them on IG @bennett897 or FB @TheBennettArtCollection.


Garden Delights: Bringing the Outdoors Inside
Wednesday, January 27

NYC&G (New York Cottages & Gardens) Editorial Director Kendell Cronstrom, Interior Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth, and Winter Show dealers Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz and Benoist Drut of Maison Gerard explore the pull of nature in artistic design and the world of interiors.


Craft: An American History
Thursday, January 28

The United States has always been a nation of makers. From initial settlement through successive waves of immigration, craft has been crucial to America’s economy and its identity, appealing to deeply held ideas of individuality and self-sufficiency.

In his new book, historian and curator Glenn Adamson argues that crafted objects have played another, under-recognized role in our history, as symbols in the fight for social progress and as ethical guideposts, pointing firmly toward the future. Following his reading, Glenn will be joined by Ethan Lasser, curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for a discussion of the book and its subject.

Glenn Adamson I Curator, Writer & Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art and Ethan Lasser I John Moors Cabot Chair, Art of the Americas Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Design Firsts: Presented by 1stDibs
Friday, January 29

Join Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editorial Director/Director Fine Art at 1stDibs.com, for a discussion with acclaimed interior designers Robert Couturier, Katie Ridder, and David Scott as they explore their “design firsts” with a focus on art and antiques and their experiences with The Winter Show.

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